Now that ‘Spring Breakers’ is done, so is Selena Gomez — with her short hair, that is. The starlet showed off a new ‘do on Twitter this week, and it’s a far cry from her previous look!

In the film she sported natural brown, medium length locks, and her new look is a much lengthier version of her previous look. She has layers, but they cascade all the way down her back and chest. It’s hard to tell if she altered her color at all because the photo has warm tones, but it looks to be the same shade as her most recent style.

E! Online reports that the new hair is for a new role. Gomez has a part in Eli Roth’s upcoming horror flick ‘Aftershock,’ in which she plays one out of a group of friends who survive an earthquake in Chile, but have a lot scarier stuff to deal with post-tremors.

The film is sure to be a departure from her Disney days, just as the edgy ‘Spring Breakers’ was. However, while ‘Spring Breakers’ was a comedy, ‘Aftershock’ is sure to leave fans shaking in their shoes.