Wyoming is for the adventurous, spirited people in mind - if you are able to see beauty in a dry, cold/hot area with a long history of pioneers who live a simpler life, come on - we're waiting for you. Wyoming has it's arms open waiting for anyone who would like to be part of the life here. However, we can't deny that Wyoming does have it's downfalls. Everything from the violent windstorms, to the lack of shopping options can drive most residents crazy. Yet, rather than be a Debbie Downer and rehash the negatives about our state, it's best to glance over this list and prepare yourself what might depress you in the long run. This way you can be aware of what might make you sad and counter it with other, more positive activities like family time and outdoor activities.

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    Windy Conditions

    The Great Divide, coupled with the latitude of Wyoming relative to weather coming off the Pacific, make it a pretty sure bet the wind is gonna blow. The rough triangle between Casper, Cheyenne and Laramie is ferociously windy. The rest of the state is only partly windy, with occasional gale-force winds. In the southeastern triangle, trains can be (and have been) blown off the tracks.

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    Economy-related Stress

    What's next for the US economy? Nobody knows, but the constant bad news is taking its toll on people in Wyoming. The American Psychological Association (APA) conducted two online surveys of more than 2,500 people this year and found that respondents' stress levels spiked last winter. Last February, 66 per cent said that the economy was a source of stress.

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    Lack of Shopping

    If you're looking for the shopping that you're accustomed elsewhere, you'll have to drive about 90 minutes south to the Cherry Creek section of Denver or to Boulder. Even Fort Collins, just 40 minutes south of Cheyenne, won't impress you. Cheyenne's lone mall - Frontier Mall - is a depressing one-story strip anchored by tiny versions of Dillards and Sears. Outside of traditional mall staples such as Victoria's Secret, American Eagle and Bath and Body Works, you'll find a bunch of worthless infill such as stores selling useless junk like bonsai plants, pre-paid cell phones and NASCAR lamp shades, sad-sack retailers like Radio Shack, a (very small) handful of forgettable fast-food restaurants and a rather lousy all-you-can-eat buffet.

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    Small Town Isolation

    Living in a small town in Wyoming can get pretty depressing. With the lack of entertainment and things to do, one can get pretty bummed out. Coupled with the less connections you have in a place, the less happier you’ll be with the place itself. This means that it’s not city size that matters so much as the quality of your social ties. The lack of connections will influence your experience of place, no matter where you are.

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    Divorce Rate

    According to the recent 2012 Survey, the divorce rate in Wyoming is hovering around 30%. That's 1 in 3 marriages ending with irreconcilable differences! However, on the plus side, the ratio of women vs. men is near 50/50. This means the odd of finding the perfect match next time is very good!