Ahh Valentines Day! You either love it or you hate it.  This coming Thursday is the day that some naked baby looking thing with wings will come and shoot you with an arrow shaped like a heart and make you fall in love! I mean seriously who came up with Cupid, and why is he so weird looking? Besides that check out this weird facts about heart day, whether you love or hate the holiday, I bet you’ll find these facts interesting!


1) Cupid was associated with Valentine’s Day because he was the son of Venus, the Roman god of love and beaty (So   that’s who he is!)

2) 73% of American men buy flowers on Valentines Day

3) 15% of US women send flowers to themselves…awkward!

4) Penicillin, a popular treatment for venereal diseases was introduced on February 14, 1929. How romantic

5) Some people used to believe that if a woman saw a robin flying overhead on Valentine’s Day, it meant she would marry a sailor. If she saw a sparrow, she would marry a poor man and be very happy. If she saw a goldfinch, she would marry a millionaire. I’m going bird hunting on Thursday for a goldfinch, meet me there?

6) King Henry VIII declared February 14th a holiday in 1537. Which is ironic considering he killed most of his wives because they didn’t give him a son (Later science found out that it’s actually the man’s sperm that determines the sex of the child…put that in your pipe and smoke it King Henry).

7) More than nine million pet owners are expected to buy gifts for their pets this Valentine’s Day. I mean I think my dog is cooler than a lot of people I know.  I wasn’t really planning on buying her a Valentines Day gift though, but now I feel pressured.  Thanks a lot Hallmark.

8) Rob Thomas the lead singer of Matchbox Twenty was born on Valentine’s Day in 1972.

9) The city in Italy where Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet lived, receives about 1,000 letters every year sent to Juliet on Valentine’s Day. Do people not realize that Romeo and Juliet aren’t real?

10) In the middle Ages, people believed that the first unmarried person of the opposite sex you met on the morning of St. Valentine’s Day would become your spouse. Remind me not to leave the house Thursday morning….

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