After “revealing“ that America’s favorite yellow family The Simpsons hail from the town of Springfield, Oregon last week, creator Matt Groening was quick to retract his statement. So to put matters to rest, the latest episode of ‘The Simpsons’ latched on to the fervor over Springfield’s actual location with its opening sequence chalkboard gag.

So what did Bart repeatedly write this time for his punishment?

“The true location of Springfield is in any state but yours”. There you go, seems punishing enough to hardcore fans who obsess over such things. The fictional town of Springfield remains ambiguous and shrouded in mystery — again. Oregonians must be disappointed with their short-lived claim to fame, but the show’s long time producer Al Jean reiterated with TV Guide saying  Springfield is “really an ‘every town.’” Oh well. Back to Moe’s.

The episode also offered an oddly whimsical opening couch gag by Oscar-winner Bill Plympton. You can watch it below.