Not much could top the recent ‘Jersey Shore‘ moment when the Situation intentionally drove his own head into a concrete wall while arguing with Ronnie. But this skirmish between Snooki and Deena, where they accidentally started fighting each other, comes pretty close.

While partying at a local nightclub in Florence, Deena suddenly has a drink thrown at her. Seeking payback, she wades into the crowd, vowing to find the perpetrator and “knock that b**** out.”

Ever the good friend, Snooki comes to Deena’s defense and pulls the nearest woman’s hair. Unfortunately, thathair belonged to Deena.

“I’m pulling this girl’s hair and some girl’s pulling my hair and then I realize it’s my meatball, Deena,” Snooki said, with more than a little embarrassment.

Watch the guidette gaffe below:

[via AOL TV]