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This week, the PopCrush editorial team — Bradley Stern, Samantha Vincenty, Ali Szubiak and Matthew Donnelly — unpack Top 40 Sass Queen Meghan Trainor's "Me Too" video controversy, and whether it was an actual mix-up or one big PR stunt. Also, how are we all feeling about Meghan Trainor's now-signature brand of empowerment jams? If we was you, we'd wanna listen too (sorry, I'll show myself out).

Also discussed: The revival of MTV Cribs, the general early-00's renaissance and are we all supposed to wear chokers again now?

Plus, Brad and Sam talk to recording artist and actor MAX about his new album Hell's Kitchen Angel, what it's like to dance with Madonna, throwing "underwear parties" and how to deal with internet trolls.

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Berman Fenelus, PopCrush
Berman Fenelus, PopCrush

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