If you've ever moved to another state, you may notice some things that are a little different than the state you moved from. Now that my husband and I are settling down in the Cowboy State, I’ve noticed some interesting things in Cheyenne and other parts of the state that sometimes have me scratching my head and asking the question “Why?” For instance, one thing I’ve never seen this until moving here, is the flashing yellow left turn arrows at several intersections in Cheyenne, which has me asking “Why?”

Usually, when you have a traffic signal that has a left turn arrow, it’s at an intersection that’s so busy, that you wouldn’t be able to make that left turn if it wasn’t for those "green" left turn arrows to give you the thumbs up and give those turning left the right of way. But here in Cheyenne, I’m noticing several busy intersections that only have the flashing yellow left turn arrow, basically signaling you to turn with caution. But if you get caught at one of those busy intersections, you pretty much have to wait until the oncoming traffic gets a red traffic light so you can quickly get that left turn in before the other direction of traffic gets the green light. So what’s the point of having these flashing yellow left turn arrows? I know other states have them, but it never made sense to me. It doesn’t help anyone actually having to turn left, because you never get the “green light.” You might as well not have any turn light there at all! I guess I’m a little puzzled by the purpose of these traffic lights, maybe you could explain it to a newbie like me.

Another thing I’ve noticed that I’ve never seen before until moving here, is those big ole pickup trucks that have these HUMUNGUS exhaust pipes sticking right out of their truck beds. When they take off, not only are they so noisy that they rattle your teeth, but this big plume of thick black smokes jets right out of that tailpipe, not only emitting a stench so bad, you feel like you've been working in a coal mine, but the vehicle behind them is literally blinded from all that thick smoke. My question once again, “Why?” I don’t get it; do these massive tailpipes sticking out of a big ole truck bed serve any kind of purpose? Does it help the truck climb up some steep Wyoming mountains?  Maybe it’s just a Wyoming thing, so,once again, I’ll need you explain it to me.

What odd things have you seen in Wyoming that are different than other states you've been in?