It's like that famous scene from Ghost Busters, the librarian ghost that tells them "SSSHHHHH!"

Apparently, the Sweetwater County Library in Green River, Wyoming has just such a ghost.

Now, why would anyone build a library on a graveyard? That seems like they were asking for trouble. Well, when Green River was first founded, the location where the library now sits was the town cemetery.

The original cemetery had been moved to build barracks for veterans returning from World War II. But just like a scene from a bad horror movie, during construction bodies from the old cemetery that had been missed were found.

They moved those bodies, but how many more do you think they might have missed?

The people of Green River are not scared of the ghosts in the library. They are proud of their ghosts.

Lights flickering on and off, unknown figures walking the building and disappearing, and even strange technological occurrences on the site. WHAT FUN!

According to American Library Magazine, one of the strangest occurrences happened in the late eighties when a librarian turned from her computer for just a moment, and when she turned back, her name was spelled out on the screen: “I don’t think the system could have done that itself,” The Librarian explained. “It had no word-processing capabilities, and at that time we didn’t have email. Her name appeared in quite large letters … with nothing else on the screen.”


The library actually has a "Ghost Log," and they invite anyone to write down their paranormal experiences in the library. It includes tales of disembodied voices, tapping on the shelves being returned in an empty aisle, and typewriters writing on their own on several occasions.

Visit the Sweetwater County Library and read the book for yourself.

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