As the temperatures start to rise, there is nothing like an ice cold beer. Frank Zappa once said, “You can't be a real state unless you have a beer and an airline - it helps if you have some kind of football team, or some nuclear weapons, but in the very least you need a beer.” Ok, I lied. He said “You can’t be a real country,” not state – that was my substitution. But I think it holds true for states with the popularity of craft beers.

Microbrews, gastropubs, and even home brew are more and more fashionable. Wyoming has a growing industry of beer. Budweiser changed their name to America, yet they are owned by the Belgian-Brazilian beer corporation InBev. Why not keep it in Wyo? There are a lot of good options. Here are just some of the local brews from Wyoming found on

I’d recommend find your favorite brews, and then take a road trip and visit the brewery. Make sure to get a hotel room or at least a designated driver - you don't want to end up on the DUI list ... or worse.

Altitude Chophouse and Brewery

Bitter Creek Brewing

Altitude Chophouse and Brewery

Bitter Creek Brewing

Black Tooth Brewing

Clear Creek Brewing

Coal Creek Tap

Danielmark's Brewing Company

Freedom's Edge Brewing

Gillette Brewing Company

Lander Brewing

Library Sports Grill and Brewery

Luminous Brewhouse

Melvin Brewing

Roadhouse Brewing Company

Snake River Brewing

Suds Brothers Brewing

Ten Sleep Brewing

Wind River Brewing

Wyoming State Brewing Co/ World Famous Wonder Bar