A suspected bomb threat at a Casper Walmart is being treated as an apparent extortion attempt.

Casper police say at around Noon on Tuesday, November 12th, the manager of the east-side Casper Walmart received a phone call from a man who made a bomb threat.

During the initial conversation, the manager eventually realized the situation was less serious than originally thought.

Lt. Mike Thompson, Casper Police Dept.: "This was being done, pretty much as an extortion type scam, in that they wanted the store to provide money on essentially, transferable type gift cards, to be able to transfer the funds to this individual."

Lieutenant Mike Thompson says investigators told the manager to record the conversation when the caller called back the second time, and are checking to see if there's a comparison between this incident and a similar one that also happened on Tuesday, at a Walmart store in Laramie.

The FBI is now handling the investigation.