'Call of Duty'

'Halo VS Call of Duty' Is Pure Violent Fun
If you're into first-person shooter games at all, you know there's basically two types of people: Call of Duty or Halo fans. The vast majority actually enjoy playing both games, but everyone has a personal favorite.
Chris Evans Stars in Full Call of Duty Online Trailer
A couple of weeks ago, we saw a brief teaser for Call of Duty Online featuring ‘Captain America’ star Chris Evans. Today brings the full live-action trailer for the new game, in which Evans goes from Marvel superhero to video game war hero, fighting alongside his fellow players in a pr…
My Top 5 Favorite Funny Commercials
Everyone has there favorite commercials, and considering how close we are to Sunday's "Big Game", we may all have a few more real soon.
Here are my top 5:
1.) The sheer comedy of this Doritos commercials proves why kids are funny:
Next ‘Call of Duty’ Will Be Announced May 1
Even though Call of Duty games aren’t selling as well as they did before, there’s still no bigger name in the show. Any trickle of news about the next game — even an announcement that there will be an announcement — stirs the internet up into a frenzy.