A new vacation spot has been added to my bucket list: a real life-size Nuke Town!!! For those not familiar with the Call of Duty games, it's a map in the Black Ops series. It's premise is that of a small, one block radius, nuclear testing grounds where guerrilla warfare exercises are held. The good people at Paintball Explosion have built it for real and use for paintball wars.

After coming across a video of the life-size version, I had to do some more digging. No expenses were sparred to copy the most popular COD map to perfection. By visiting their website, you can even book parties and events at all of their locations. Nuke Town may be small when you're playing a video game where your avatar never fatigues, after watching the videos, you can see, it's just large enough to wear down on you after awhile. Regardless, playing a war game in real life game map is most definitely something I want... MUST do before I die!!!