Chris Rock

Chris Rock Talks About His Rap Deal That Never Worked Out
Comedian/actor/writer/director Chris Rock has already proven that he can do just about everything -- and do it pretty well, if his upcoming feature 'Top Five' is any indication -- but the funny man almost had another major career move bulleted on his resume. Before Rock made it big as an a…
'Top Five' Trailer: Chris Rock Makes His Directing Debut
Chris Rock: Comedian, actor, and now he can add director to his resume with 'Top Five,' a film that had plenty of people talking when it premiered at this year's film festival in Toronto. Paramount wasted no time picking the film up, and it seems like the studio is wasting very little…
Famous Birthdays For February 7th
Plenty of stars sharing today (February 7th) as there birthday.
Comedian/Actor Chris Rock is 48.
Actor/Producer Ashton Kutcher is 35.
The late great English actor Pete Postlethwaite (The Usual Suspects, Romeo & Juliet) would have been 66.