“Louisiana Making Twerking Illegal” Facebook Post Is A Hoax
A new Facebook hoax is starting to make its rounds around the internet. It states that DeQuincy, LA has made the dance known as "twerking" illegal. The article was actually pretty convincing... until you actually think about it. With all the strips clubs around America, could …
Is Joe Montana Dead?
According to a report from the Global Associated News Joe Montana died in a car accident. The reports reads,
"Pro football player Joe Montana is confirmed to have died in a single vehicle car accident. One other male passenger in the 2012 BMW driven by Joe Montana has been transported to a l…
Internet Baby Naming Contest Thankfully a Hoax
Last week we reported that a horrible  mom was letting the internet vote to decide the name of her child for a measly $5,000. We can now thankfully say that the whole thing was a big, stinking hoax, perpetrated by none other than the company holding the contest.
Facebook Hoaxes & How You Can Avoid Them
Social media dominates a good portion of many people's daily lives.  Checking up on friend's activities online is something most Americans do few times a day.  The ever evolving world of social media now lets us share photos and statuses to spread an idea at lightning speed.  Occasionally you will b…
Alaskan Town Falls Victim to Cruel Taco Bell Hoax
Here in the lower 48 we take for granted our “fourth meal.” But if you live up in the frozen tundra of Alaska, you can’t just take a spin to the local Taco Bell. In fact, if you live in Bethel, Alaska, a town of 6000, you would have to drive about 350 miles to Anchorage to grab a late-night gordita.

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