A new Facebook hoax is starting to make its rounds around the internet. It states that DeQuincy, LA has made the dance known as "twerking" illegal. The article was actually pretty convincing... until you actually think about it. With all the strips clubs around America, could it actually be possible to outlaw a dance? And would that even be constitutional?

There were quite a few easy ways to prove the website article was fake. It stated the mayor of DeQuincy was "Maynard Wilkens". A quick internet search proves that wrong. "Lawrence Henagan" is the current mayor. Another easy to check falsehood stated that the mayor had spoken on major news conglomerate, CNN. A quick search on their website negated that one too.

In case you're in the dark to what twerking is, here is a quick lesson. Twerking is a highly sexually seductive dance craze that has made it's way into mainstream media as of late, partially due to Miley Cyrus. But there are a few misconceptions.

  1. It's not a "new" thing. It's been around in strip clubs and dancing clubs for years.
  2. What Miley was doing at the VMAs isn't really twerking.

Here is an example of REAL twerking:

Many religious and women's rights groups look down on the dance as degrading to females. But considering all the different forms of things out now that are degrading to women (i.e. the entire porn industry, which includes but is not limited to magazines, movies and websites), is a dance really what should be on the top of the hate list?