You can actually ruin your phone if you skip over step number one.

The total solar eclipse is almost here! If you're like me, you are scrambling to prepare (I'm such a procrastinator). It's not as easy as just being outside. You want a clear, unobstructed spot, you need special glasses, and you've got to prep your phone. I found some tips from

Here are a few steps.

1. Protect your phone's lens: Surprisingly, just like your eyeballs, the eclipse can cause serious damage to your phone. If you are planning on filming or taking pictures of the eclipse on Monday, make sure you put your glasses over the lens, especially before and after totality. Remember to protect your eyes while also protecting your phone.

2. Steady your phone: If you want great footage of the entire eclipse, nothing is worse than a shaky camera. No one wants "Cloverfield" happening during the eclipse. Use your tripod or stabilize your phone in another way. Also, the moon passing into the sun's path will be happening quickly (under 3 minutes) so you'll want a steady hand.

3. Do no zoom in: If you want the full effect of the eclipse, don't try to get up close and personal with it. A crystal clear image will come from a further distance. You can go in and crop later if you need.

4. Turn off flash: The best shots will come with natural light. If you have your phone throwing light at that ring of fire, you're going to lose every single time. From light to dark to light again, it's just going to be better to have it turned off.

5. Turn off autofocus: Because of the light changes and the movement of the moon (Today says the moon is moving at Mach 2), autofocus will ruin your chances at a great picture. Since it will be trying to refocus at every moment, you'll never be able to capture that perfect moment.

And don't forget to tag us in your photos! We'd love to relive this epic moment with you on social media.

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