Singer-songwriter Taylor Berrett gives a blast of acoustic guitar to the Drake and Rihanna collaboration ‘Take Care’ in a new cover version of the song that features Vita Chambers.

The video shows Berrett and Chambers in separate scenes as they sing the lyrics from the perspective of two lovers who are not fully connecting. Chambers, a promising singer from Barbados, channels Rihanna while Berrett croons the rap portions, tossing in falsetto and nailing all the emotional highs of the song.

Berrett tells PopCrush he enjoyed re-interpreting Drake’s hip-hop track. “This was a very fun song to do, because the Drake verses that I sing are basically rapped in the original, so I really got to create my own melodies for much of it as we recorded the song. The original record also has a very profound moodiness to it that translated well to our acoustic version.”

“Working with Vita was a blast, as we’re both kind of goofballs and love to mess with each other,” Berrett adds. “And as far as her performance on the track, it’s just perfect. I had never heard her sing down in her lower register and it’s just so haunting and beautiful.”

“I’m a big fan of the original song – it’s so dark and emotional,” Chambers tells PopCrush. “It all came together very quickly and being from Barbados and a huge fan of Rihanna’s, I was excited to put my take on the song.”

Berrett is signed to SRP/Universal, so we can expect to hear plenty more from him in the coming months and years. Check out his take on ‘Take Care.’

Watch the Taylor Berrett + Vita Chambers ‘Take Care’ Video