Taylor Swift is not typically a controversial figure, but her latest mascara advertisement caused a minor stir for violating industry standards — all because her eyelashes were digitally enhanced.

As Taste of Country reports, Procter & Gamble pulled the print ad for CoverGirl NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara featuring Swift after an inquiry from the National Advertising Division of the Council of Business Bureaus Claims. Complaints were centered around the fact that the ad featured a disclaimer that read, “lashes enhanced in post production,” meaning they were altered via Photoshop.

Photoshopping may not seem like much of a sin, but it’s apparently taboo when it comes to makeup advertisements. Andrea Levine, director of the National Advertising Division, explained, “You can’t use a photograph to demonstrate how a cosmetic will look after it is applied to a woman’s face and then – in the mice type – have a disclosure that says ‘okay, not really.’”

The ad claimed that the product added “two times more volume” to lashes. Procter & Gamble agreed to pull the ad and to never digital alter its cosmetics photos again. Swift, who in all likelihood had nothing to do with the photoshopping, has not commented on the matter.