Taylor Swift has been experimenting with her style recently: She strayed from her trademark sparkly dresses and cowboy boots to more glam, couture style and chopped her once-signature blonde ringlets into straight bangs. Now she’s taken an even bigger leap. The singer, who previously bragged that she’s never colored her natural honey blonde hair, has gone brunette!

Swift showed off her new hair hue in the beauty brand’s ‘See You, Be You’ campaign. In her behind-the-scenes video, Swift’s hair actually looks more blonde, but in the final images, whether it’s PhotoShop or clever lighting tricks, it’s significantly darker and richer than her usual goldilocks look.

The ‘Eyes Open’ singer sports a country-boho look in one of the photos, with a floppy black hat and white lace top, that’s very similar to her Stevie Nicks-inspired style from her Vogue cover shoot. In another, she looks glam rock and pretty, with shiny dangly earrings, smoky, multidimensional shadow and wind blowing her newly shaded hair behind her.

She’s come a long way from Sharpies!

Watch Taylor Swift Behind-the-Scenes at Her CoverGirl Commercial