After Taylor Swift and Harry Styles performed at Z100's Jingle Ball last week, the two jetted off to London on her private jet, leaving his One Direction bandmates a little peeved, but surely leaving Ms. Swift happy to have some quality time with her man.

Now overseas, she's been getting the grand tour of the countryside from her beau. The duo even spent her 23rd birthday (which is today, Dec. 13, BTW) frolicking around northern England when a fan snapped a picture of the two having (almost) too much fun with pigeons. (Eww, all we can think about is how unsanitary that is!!!) But we digress.

The adorable couple dined at a country pub by an open fire before touring the Lake District, where they naturally picked up some souvenirs and enjoyed the holiday music playing from each of the stores. But Swift, like any girl, was most likely having a week-long birthday celebration, because she and Styles were spotted out at the Rising Sun pub on Tuesday night where they enjoyed "traditional English food," this according to the pub's manager Sarah Walker (via PEOPLE).

"She was polite and pleasant – fantastic. She is just having a nice tour of England. They were like any typical group of people having dinner," said Walker. "Everyone thinks they are a couple, but to be honest, we had no sense of that at all."

The following day, the two, who were being escorted around by his mom (aww!), stopped by the World of Beatrix Potter to do some shopping. Chief executive of the store, Andy Poole, said she was "nice and charming," which seem to be just two of the many similar adjectives to describe Swift.

"They were dancing around to the seasonal music being played. Harry was being the most boisterous," Poole said. Sadly, they didn’t break into song. "They didn’t give any impromptu concert, no!"

There was no 'Dirty Dancing' reenactment either.

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