Taylor Swift and B.o.B recently shot the video for their new single, ‘Both of Us,’ in Nashville, Tenn. where the country star saved the rapper from certain death — well, kind of.

In a new behind-the-scenes clip from the shoot, Swift and Bobby Ray talk about the overwhelming bug situation on set, and during one scene, the 22-year-old spotted a giant spider on B.o.B’s shoulder.

“There was one point … I looked over and on Bob’s shoulders this giant spider …” Swift recalls, clearly still rattled by the arachnid. “It looked like a bird, it was that big. It was just just like hanging out there just ready to kill him, and I saved his life by pointing it out. I’ll point that out.”

The clip shows the pair shooting scenes in a wildflower field and a local pool hall along with adorable kids and dogs. Director Jake Nava explains that his vision for the video was to create a “collage of different aspects of humanity in the southern states.”

Finally, the Atlanta native waxes poetic about the track. “It’s not even a song; it’s more like a project,” he says. “This is bigger than just B.o.B / Taylor Swift. This is about all walks of life, all classes of society. It’s about everybody, really.”

Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Clip of Taylor Swift and B.o.B’s ‘Both of Us’ Video