A clip of a 17-year-old Katy Perry performing the song ‘Search Me’ during her Christian/ministry days has landed online. Perry, who was known as Katy Hudson at the time, has never shied away from her evangelical upbringing or her past as a Christian singer, but this clip really shows Perry as she was.

When she hits the higher notes, she sounds like the diva we’ve come to know, the one who sings ‘I Kissed a Girl,’ ‘Firework’ or ‘Wide Awake!’

Perry, rocking a greasy black bob, a polka dot top, jeans and a scarf while strumming away on her acoustic guitar, is a far cry from the strawberry shortcake dress-wearing pop darling she has become. But the same energy informs her performance, even though she sings about “My father,” an obvious reference to God. Remember, Perry has a “Jesus” tattoo inked on her wrist, so her faith-based songs came from a real place. Her style here is more alt rock, as well.

Videos such as this should not shock KatyCats, as she has adopted a full disclosure policy when it comes to her past with worship music.

She looks like a cute granola girl, doesn’t she?

Watch Katy Perry Perform Gospel Song in Vintage Video