As a lover of the outdoors, I can't wait to eat!  Of course I mean over a campfire in the back country.

Some of the best meals I've ever had in camp were cooked using a dutch oven.  Stew and chili are just two of my favorite (and easy) stand by creations.  But have you ever tried a dutch oven chocolate cake or an apple strudel or a pizza? Trust me, you'd know if you had.

It doesn't matter If you have a large crew or if its just you, dutch ovens can help you prepare a delicious meal in a matter of minutes.  But sometimes getting the oven to the right temperature can be a bit tricky.  Some folks are just plain intimidated by dutch ovens or say they are too much work.  I would disagree.

A dutch oven can be used to make any thing you would usually make in a kitchen oven and it can easily be cleaned up with just a little soap and water.  All be it that some folks enjoy their dutch oven a bit more seasoned and use a bit less soapy water.

Recently I put my dutch oven to the test and I baked me a pizza.  It was easy to make and when it was done - delicious!!

Ingredients - 1 box Pizza dough mix / 1 can pizza sauce / 1/2 lb mozzarella cheese / 1/2 lb pepperoni / 1 aluminum pie tin

Directions - Prepare the pizza dough per mix directions. / Spread dough inside pie tin and up the sides. Top with sauce, cheese, pepperoni. / Place 4 pebbles or wads of aluminum foil in the bottom of the dutch oven to raise pie tin off bottom. / Then set pizza in the dutch oven

Place the dutch oven on top of 12 briquettes and cover the lid with 14 briquettes - Cook for 15-25 minutes.

Then enjoy!!

Of course I encourage you to use your favorite oven recipes, but with a little practice and patience you too can become a dutch oven chef.

Tip #5 - Setting the Temperature on a Dutch Oven