Sometime when it's bad, you have to tell the world. Sometimes the haters are going to hate, hate, hate. Yelp is a great tool used to check up on a restaurant or hotel while traveling or looking for a new place to eat. We searched through all the Casper restaurants to find the best of the worst reviews. Some are funny yet sad at the same time.

If I didn't know better, I would swear that this was a dinner theater and not a diner.

While I'm sure it's not entirely intentional, this is one of the most entertaining restaurants I've ever been in. Between the customers and the staff, I had a very enjoyable floor show for the price of a two egg dinner. Though it was a culture shock straight off the plane.

This place definitely seems to be a family diner in one respect - the staff argues like a dysfunctional family. My server looked to be about 14 and seemed to be picked on like the youngest member of a family. At one point the cook screamed at him from the kitchen, "boy, I will beat your ass!" The banter between the kitchen and the waitstaff went on loudly through my entire dinner. The waiter did make a lot of mistakes, but he was very apologetic about it. So much so, that if it wasn't part of the act, I felt bad for him.

As for the customers, they all seemed to know each other and would scream right along with the staff. The swear words were flying as fast as the quips, especially in the smoking section, so I'm guessing Casper's usually isn't for the sensitive of ears.

I, however, sat in the nonsmoking section alongside someone who I guess was a retired rancher. He whipped off his baseball cap and in a folksy drawl said, "that's about all I need" at the end of his order. It seemed straight out of a novel on Wyoming in the dust bowl rather than today, gently rolling with the punches of slow service in an easy going manner. Paid actor? I'm guessing not. But definitely a bit of a local character.

In short, it was brilliantly surreal! - Michael G on Yelp

I've decided that i'm having my funeral at ***** because I'm still here waiting for my first drink. It is slow, but I also had to re-order my drink 3 times because they were out of the first two beers I asked for. Disappointing portions for the entree, and not very competitive prices. The booths were also old and sunk in. Some of my group had to turn their leg in to sit on because they were so low. This building has a high turnover rate for restaurants and after a month it seems like this one is not long for this world. - Tyler P  on Yelp

Very upset been going to various *****  for years and years.... I always order ***** but substitute more pepperoni in place of salami because I hate salami. Went in and this woman with long straight brown hair (no name tag) says you cannot do it that way you have to ring it up differently. I said ok but not sure what the big deal is tired and just need to get my sandwich and get to my classes. She rang it up and charged me double meat saying she put extra pepperoni ... Sooo I pay it and say nothing but as I head out the door she says got you... what you thinking bad things about me now huuhuuuh you thinking bad things about me in a yelling voice. I could have said a lot of things to her about professionalism but i said nothing. - Wendy D on Yelp

Not at all impressed. Crust tasted freezer burnt and the red sauce tasted canned. Waaaay too expensive for frozen pizza. I honestly don't mind spending a little more for a great product, but almost 30.00 for mediocre pizza at best is ridiculous. Our 2nd waitress was very sweet. And the restaurant was very clean. That said, I won't be back. I'm so sad, because I have been dying to try it. :/ - Cara K on Yelp

After we arrived we were sat at a table where the seats held the food of the previous guest. After asking them to ask someone to re-clean the seats, I was told shed send someone over to clean. After waiting 20 minutes looking through menus which were in need of replacing (damaged) we were confronted with a waitress who after spending 10 minutes having a laugh and a joke with her work-mate, asked what we wanted. At this point I stood up and replied service 10 minutes ago and we walked out to her saying 'fine' and laughing. - Paul W on Yelp

This place is horrible! We waited 45 mins for our food and then when it came it didn't taste good at all. The waitress spoke so quietly that we couldn't understand her and she acted like she was scared of people. I only gave them a star because the root beer was good otherwise they would of gotten zero. - Sara M on Yelp

Looks like i'm the odd man out on this one, in many ways. I'm not from here, and my review goes against what looks to be a long established non-wavering track of good to excellent reviews, hell that's why I picked this place over the maybe one other place that seemed acceptable in Casper at the time.

Now, I'm a simple man, and I like my burgers. There isn't much to making a burger, and you have to really try to botch one. This steak house botched mine. The meat was blood red in parts, and it was so under-cooked, the meat wasn't eve. Held together, it pulled apart in strands, just as it had been ground up. Abort! Abort! Luckily I ordered one of the famous baked potatoes on a whim *phew*. Burger into trash, her goes baked potato. Mhhhhhh hard as a rock. Yep they failed at probably the one thing easier to make than a burger, a potato. It was inedible as well.

I carried out, so there was no bitching to be done, and weather had dropped to below freezing so needless to say, I ate no dinner the one night I spent in Casper by my lonesome - John M on Yelp

So I have a friend who used to work and several others that work there currently, and upon their stories I would never go. The ramekins of ranch and other dressings they give you they reuse to other tables after they put bleach water in it. That is just one of the many more stories I have heard. Never going in again. - Angelica J on Yelp

If there is a 0 star that would be this place, was decent when first opened, just terrible now, people save you selves, way better options here. Plus there is no ventilation in the kitchen so either they have the back door open (which is not ideal in zero temps) OR YOU'LL WALK OUT SMELLING LIKE THE CHOP SUEY YOU WILL BE PUKING UP LATER:( - Dizz H on Yelp