If you ever owned the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), chances are, you played Contra. Now you can play the classic game like never before.

This new virtual reality version of Contra is available for download via the HTC Vive, which is one of the higher quality VR systems currently available. The game was designed by an independent company and only has one level at the moment, but hopefully the original makers of the game, Konami, will notice the popularity of this one and make a full VR version. A two player co-op version would be pretty awesome too!

I spent many hours as a preteen playing this game with my friends. I still remember the Konami Code, which gives you 30 lives (vice the 3 you normally start with). I would almost give up my first born for a full length version of this game in full VR. I know I'm not alone either. I'd assume there's a lot of other nostalgic 40-years old that would pay top dollar for this.

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