The quest for the perfect S'more!  Sitting around the campfire with family and friends enjoying dinner, but once that is consumed - things get competitive.

Did you know that a roasted marshmallow are cooked to different scales?  Depending on your tastes, of course.  And that according to a few "S'more Experts", you should wait until the fire dies a bit (embers) which will allow the inside of the marshmallow to heat equally vs. what I do and roast a marshmallow until it's almost on fire and then squeeze it between chocolate and graham cracker.

According to, there are lots of factors which can change the texture and taste of your S'more.

Study the graphic below carefully, commit it to memory and the next time you're with family and friends - impress them with your S'more knowledge!

Then I suggest being adventurous!  Try using different candy bars instead of just regular chocolate.  Might I recommend using peanut butter cups -  they are one of my favorites!!


Tip #3 - S'mores, The Perfect Camping Treat