Finally! A chance to prove to myself and all of my adoring fans that I AM the Ultimate Simpsons fan. It turns out that a bunch of people have quite a bit of free time on their hands. Therefore, they have setup this attempt at breaking the Guinness Book of World Record's record for continuous television watch.

The current record stands at 86 hours, 6 minutes and 41 seconds.

On February 8th the Ultimate Simpsons Fan Challenge begins. They will air 500 straight hours of The Simpsons. That is in fact, A LOT of Simpsons. Worried about taking time off work? Don't sweat it! The winner of the challenge is going to take home $10, 500 in prize money. And if you chicken out and have to quit, there will be a Simpsons convention going on at the same time.

The challenge has a Facebook page setup, here. You can check in there to get exclusive photos and videos as the challenge progresses.