The second season of ‘The Voice‘ kicks off on Feb. 5, right after the Super Bowl. After year of high ratings, press, promotion, hype and hanging out while seated in high-backed red space chairs, the coaches have come together for round two and they are celebrating with a Rolling Stone cover.

Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton pose for the cover, but it’s not really posed. It looks like the cameras caught them goofing around on set. That’s how natural and genuine the affinity and respect among these constantly sparring coaches is. It’s a far cry from “feels scripted” bickering between Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid and the fired mentors on ‘X Factor!’

Aguilera is the lone female at this sausage party, and she’s the first thing you see on the cover, with her rocker leather jacket, leggings and blinged out heels. She’s cavorting with Levine as they ‘Move Like Jagger,’ to borrow a phrase from their smash song.

Cee Lo is having a chuckle, while Shelton looks like he is about to utter one of his sarcastic comments. “You have to be a pretty strong girl to stay up in the mix with the guys,” Xtina said. “It’s a lot. It’s a crazy locker-room kind of situation.” If anyone can handle it, it’s our gal Xtina.

The cover story addresses the rapport of four people from different genres, lifestyles and worlds.

“Just look at the four of us. It’s just so wrong and so amazing” is how Levine labeled it. Match point, sir!

The story also reveals that Shelton and Levine attended Aguilera’s bday bash in Hollywood; Green was in absentia because he was out of town. All those rumors of her bigger salary, her diva-like demands? They don’t seem to be tainting the relationship between the coaches at this cover shoot and interview.

Levine joked that while Shelton, a major star in his genre, is the subject of “hick” jokes, he still has a measure of cool. “Blake can say anything or do anything,” Levine revealed. “If I was like, ‘I’m drunk at 4:00!’ I’d be attacked. He’s like, ‘It’s cool, f— you, I just shot a f—ing moose, kiss my a—!’ He can say whatever he wants.”

Cee Lo, on the other hand, can do whatever he wants, including commit what most of us, like Levine, consider a fashion faux pax. “He can wear white socks with sandals and still have it be f—ng cool,” says Levine. “If I did that, Blake would make fun of me.”

The issue lands on stands Feb. 3