Hunk Alert! The Wanted cover Coupe de Main and look fashionable and adorable while doing it. These boys are so freakin’ photogenic as they continue to rack up magazine spreads.

Seriously, we don’t think we’ve ever seen photos of the boys where they didn’t look absolutely scrumptious. Check out their Glamour spot for further proof. As if you needed a reason to gawk at more Wanted photos.

Many of the photos in the spread for this New Zealand magazine are black and white and feature some sexy ladies, while the boys appear as though they had a long, hard night. For all you history buffs, the group pics depict ‘The Last Supper,’ a well-know painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. The individual shots feature self-portrait art drawings, as well.

The behind-the-scenes video footage is hilarious, too. The lads are sucking on what looks like either cake pops or lollipops, and writing answers to questions on chalkboards, like they were in grade school. They answer questions about who has the most attractive mom and other assorted trivia. There’s lots of bantering and giggling, so much so that we are convinced that the Wanted boys love one another like brothers. How could they not at this point in their career?

Watch the Adventures of the Wanted + Coup de Main