Want to see the Wanted drop trou? Show off their skivvies? Pose in their undies? Don’t all scream at once, ladies. We know there are millions of you who would sever a limb in order to see Tom Parker, Max George and co. in their underwear. And now, you can.

The boys dropped their pants for a magazine shoot for We Love Pop magazine. They are sharp-dressed gentlemen in suits, caught with their pants down, revealing a propensity for wearing boxer shorts and briefs.

Looks like Siva Kaneswaran prefers tighty whiteys ala those classic CK ads, while Parker’s undies look like a pair of shorts that he could walk around in during a hot day and not break any decency laws while doing so. Nathan Sykes rocks boxers, while Jay McGuiness and George seem to prefer briefs.

So now that we know what kind of drawers each member of the Wanted prefers to wear, we can all sleep soundly. Or at least fantasize a little more accurately.

We leave you with this question, PopCrushers: Who is the hottest member of the Wanted? Take a long, lingering look at the undies shot and tell us which member of the U.K. boy band has stolen your heart.

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