The Wanted looked like models (well, to be fair, Siva Kaneswaran was one) and sang like angels at the 2012 American Music Awards tonight (Nov. 18). Nevermind that they're the bad boys of the current boy band crop!

Though it hasn't charted as highly as their previous hits, the group performed 'I Found You,' and it seems to translate much better live than it does on radio. Tom Parker actually explained the single choice in a recent interview. “It’s a bit different, isn’t it? A lot of people have said it sounds like Scissor Sisters or the Bee Gees on the chorus. The first listen everyone is like, ‘What the f— is that?’" he admitted. "Then you get into the vibe. Not everyone likes it but we don’t want to stick to one thing. All our songs are quite different.”

Everyone absolutely nailed their solos, especially Nathan Sykes, who brought a whole lot of vocal power that a lot of viewers and casual listeners might have found a bit shocking.

The guys all sported sharp suits, and despite denying their boy band status because they don't  dance, they all moved well. Perhaps they should start -- these guys have a lot of rhythm. It's not easy to maintain movement and deliver soaring falsettos, but the Wanted owned it. A lot of listeners who didn't get into the vibe before likely are into it now -- including Psy, a fellow Scooter Braun charge, who sang along in the crowd.

Watch the Wanted Perform at the 2012 American Music Awards