The Wanted‘s next official single will be ‘Chasing the Sun,’ but the British boys also dropped the new song ‘Lightning’ from their forthcoming EP via iTunes. Why, yes, it made us want to play with lightning, to borrow the lyrics from the song.

We love that the Wanted are so nature-friendly in their song titles and lyrics. Chasin’ the sun in one song, playin’ with lightning in another. They are all about the elements, those Wanted cuties.

So in order to tide yourself over for ‘Chasing the Sun,’ which is expected to drop around April 17, why not watch this super fun, party-in-the-woods video for ‘Lightning?’ There are plenty of shots of the boys, dancing around glowing light sticks protruding from the ground. There’s BMX-like bike tricks and other assorted fun, too!

It made us daydream and wish we were frolicking in nature and making out in a tree-filled area with the Wanted. Knees, meet weak. These boys are adorbs.

Watch the Wanted ‘Lightning’ Video