Nathan Sykes of the Wanted will celebrate his 20th birthday on Thursday, April 18 by going under the knife.

Oh no! The adorable singer will have a procedure to repair a hemorrhaging nodule on his vocal cords. Gasp! What a way to spend his bday – having surgery and having to go silent for a month. No fun. Boo! Hiss!

Unfortunately, the surgery is necessary. Sykes has reportedly been dealing with vocal issues for quite some time and sought the opinion of a specialist, who advised that surgery was inevitable. The singer has headed to Los Angeles from the Bahamas for the surgery. Well, that's another downer. Not only is he having a surgical procesure on his bday, but he had to leave the islands to address the issue. Blergh!

Sykes will need to spend a month recovery, unable to speak during that time.

The band post the following update on Facebook:

Our lil Nath has to go in for an operation on his throat, on his birthday to make him better. So please join us in wishing our brother and our friend well. Get well soon Nath, we love ya!

We love ya, too, Nath!

The procedure could interfere with the band's plans to record the new album and to head out on tour in support of a new disc.

A source said that the singer is highly concerned about the surgery, admitting, "It's not good at all. Nathan has battled with throat issues for a while but this is far more serious. After the once-over by the specialist, he was instructed to have almost immediate surgery. Naturally, Nathan is really worried as if it doesn’t work, his career is over."

His bandmates – Jay, Max, Siva and Tom -- are equally worried. "The rest of the band are not only concerned about him but also about the group," the insider said. "It will be tricky to continue without him as vocals will have to be changed. All their worldwide commitments are having to be put on hold."

We've seen Adele and John Mayer have similar vocal problems, followed by procedures that worked, so we think our lil Nath has nothing to worry about. We wish him the best. It might mess with the band's global itinerary, but all band activity can wait and be rescheduled so that he heals and avoids further damage.

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