Just after news broke of the Wanted working with Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, the British bad boys are spilling the beans on a slew of collaborations — including one with fellow Brit Rita Ora.

The band have been writing and recording for their next album for months now, but they’re not selfish enough to keep all the tracks for themselves — just around five or six out of about 30. What happened to the others? Max George told MTV, “Some of the songs are for other artists and we don’t always write for the Wanted. It’s different when it’s 30 songs that we’ve each written a share of individually, to put them together to make an album that actually makes sense because there were some that were to obscure, some that were too personal or whatever. We just need to get together a little bit more which we are going to do in the next couple months and hopefully have something decent by March.”

The band already hit the studio and recorded a song with Roc Nation sweetheart Rita Ora, though they’re not sure what they’re doing with it just yet. Considering the pipes between these two powerhouses — the falsetto-loving boys and the soulful, sassy Ora — we’re hoping this one is a single. “I don’t know what we are going to do with it,” Siva Kaneswaran said. “We worked in a day, and it turned out really well, and it’s just sitting there waiting to be released among the public.”

A few collaborations you’ll likely never hear? The Wanted’s work with LMFAO. “We did a couple tracks with LMFAO and they are just far too crazy,” Nathan Sykes revealed. “I’m sure someone will do it. It was a wild track. I think slightly too far.”

As for the other songs that won’t hit the light of day — or that may be given to other artists? Sykes has a theory on those, too.  ”The other songs were s—.” Don’t worry, though, he was joking!