The other day I had a friend ask what was the difference between a deer and a pronghorn antelope. If this was in a bar, the music would have stopped playing and the entire bar would stare at him. After a few moments of stink-eye looks, I gave him the best answer you will ever find. It may change you the way you see these animals forever.

Deer, like Bambi, are cute. They almost look dog-like in the face. Pronghorn, on the other hand, look like there redneck cousin. Can't you see it? Pronghorn are the bucktooth kid with the Duck Dynasty t-shirt.

Let's face it, pronghorn are goofy looking. If you gave them a chance, they would probably drink all of your Coors Light. I bet they are a big fan on Lynyrd Skynyrd, monster trucks, and Dukes of Hazard reruns. Heck now that I'm talking about it, they might be cool guys to run with. I get why there are so many in Wyoming. Get 'er Done!

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