Who doesn't love donuts?  They are great anytime of the day or night.  But here is a new twist on breakfast that will have everyone you share this with, wondering why someone didn't try this sooner?

I saw this quick and easy breakfast tweek on pinterest and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



Grab that waffle iron you keep stored or hidden in a cabinet somewhere and put it to use.

You'll need a dozen glazed donuts (haven't tried this with other kinds - yet!), might I recommend getting day old donuts from Walmart as they were cheap and worked great.

Simply pre-heat the waffle iron, place the donuts on, close and wait for the steam to stop coming out from around the edges.  Then open the waffle iron, remove the newly formed donut waffle.  Add your favorite toppings (I loved these with butter and maple syrup) and enjoy. Quick and easy!   If I had only learned this years ago...

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