We all love comfort food. Let's face it... it's right there in the name. The keyword being "comfort", so when personal finance website, WalletHub, released their "Most Overweight & Obese States in America" earlier this week (Monday, November 13th, 2023), I was somewhat surprised to see a list of "Most Popular Comfort Foods by State" near the bottom of the study.

States like Kansas, Louisiana and Illinois and had their obvious state-centric choices (ribs, gumbo and deep-dish pizza respectively), others had some unpredictable choices (check out Kentucky, Washington D.C., and Nevada below).

When it came to the Cowboy State's favorite, I wasn't shocked, but I was somewhat surprised. For Wyoming, the favorite comfort food is listed as Buffalo Jerky.


Source: WalletHub
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Any type of jerky really would not have surprised me actually, especially considering how many different type and flavors are actually produced right here, but after examining some of the other states picks, ours is definitely one of the more healthy choices.

Do you agree with this list or do you think it's slightly off?

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