Well the time is about here to be eating and enjoying friends and family for Thanksgiving but we have the top three tips for Thanksgiving. Check these out for an even better Turkey Day.



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    Start Prepping Early

    This is a great tip. Some people think you can't cut vegetables and get things ready early. But "Pioneer Woman" Renee Drummond says it's the best way to make it smooth on Turkey Day, Pie crust, vegetables or anything you can do early get it done so that the holiday is more relaxing for you.

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    Cooler as Extra Fridge

    Yes when you are gearing up to host folks for the holidays you can't help but over buy and refrigerator space is very valuable. When you don't have the luxury of an extra freezer or fridge then this comes in handy. Just use a cooler and keep your condiments and goodies you can in it! Thanks Food Network!

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    Slow Cooker as Potato Warmer

    This is brilliant! I read on foodnetwork.com a great tip to make sure your mashed potatoes stay warm. It's hard sometimes to use the kitchen with one oven for holidays and have things ready at different times and get cold. Put them in a slow cooker and you can just tuck them away on the counter! Put it on low and stir every so often.

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