We all know how brutal winters can be here in Wyoming. According to a new study from The Daily Beast, Laramie, Casper and Rock Springs are all among the 25 coldest cities in America.

Laramie finished seventh on the list, boasting an average winter temperature of 19 degrees, extreme cold temperatures over 27 degrees below zero and snowfall on 33% of all winter days.

Casper was ranked as the 19th coldest city in the country, with snow recorded on 31% of winter days, an average temperature of 26.7 degrees and frigid lows as cold as 29 below zero.

Rock Springs was named the 20th coldest city. Like Laramie, it gets snow on 33% of winter days. There average winter temperature is even colder than Casper's, at 23.4 degrees, with lows at 13 below zero.

Fairbanks, Alaska, ranked first in the study, followed by Grand Forks, North Dakota, Bismark, North Dakota, Fargo, North Dakota and Watertown, South Dakota.