The Donald is back in action again… That would be Donald Trump. He’s started a presidential exploratory committee and he says he's the only one who can make America great. I guess he’s going to shoehorn that in between The Apprentice and his other commitments.

This year’s FCC Super Bowl complaints have finally hit the internet and some of them are understandable. I get why grieving parents wouldn’t enjoy the Nationwide dead kid ad, but on the whole, I thought the whole thing was pretty tame… heck, they even brought in Lenny Kravitz so Katy Perry’s song I Kissed a Girl wasn’t so uncomfortable. There were complaints over the Victoria’s Secret commercials as well as the supposed dirty lyrics during Missy Elliott’s performance. It seems like the Super Bowl is becoming so politically correct people are now inventing things to complain about!

How about that hot red swimsuit Miranda Lambert wore in her Little Red Wagon video? It’s adorable, right? Well you can own it… not that exact one cuz that would be weird, but one just like it. They retail for $89.99 at and they have a plus size version available for the same price.

Celebrity Birthdays Thursday, March 19:
Bruce Willis 60
Glenn Close 68