The most exciting part of a new Tom Hardy film is discovering what he’s going to sound like, and whether we’ll actually understand him. Lucky for us, Hardy’s dialogue is intelligible in the first Venom teaser trailer, and his Eddie Brock has some words of wisdom for us.

“Everyone’s got their thing,” Hardy says in the first look at the Spider-Man spinoff. “Their own issues. Their own problems. Their own…” [wait for it] “…demons.” Hardy definitely looks like he has his own set of unique problems to juggle, and laying on a medical table and launching into convulsions sure is one. The trailer also teases footage of Hardy’s Spidey anti-hero dodging trucks on a motorcycle, running through a forest, and the first brief looks at Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams’ characters.

The jury’s still out on whether or not Sony’s Venom exists in the same universe as Spider-Man: Homecoming, but a recent rumor suggested Tom Holland’s web slinger may show up in the new film. We’ve yet to get an official synopsis with many details, but director Ruben Fleischer recently revealed that the film will take inspiration from the Lethal Protector and The Planet of the Symbiotes comics that follow Brock and evil invading symbiotes in San Francisco.

Venom, which also stars Jenny Slate, hits theaters October 5.

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