While Kanye West has spent the last 24 hours ranting on his official Twitter feed about the record industry being akin to 'slavery', a new Illuminati theory is gaining momentum on the internet.

According to a new video (which is actually a lot closer to being a slideshow), posted to the YouTube channel, Myra Lamb, Ye is supposedly linked to the "Illuminati" after building walls around one of his Wyoming properties.

The allegations are iffy at best, with the majority of the claims coming from unidentified Twitter users.

While one might completely dismiss the video as conjecture, the YouTube channel does boast over 31,000 subscribers, which means they have plenty of fans that may agree with these views.

In other Kanye news, he recently tweeted out a 1-minute video playing an upbeat Gospel song by Michelle Williams. The song is called "Say Yes", and features Michelle's fellow Destiny's Child members, Beyonce Carter (formerly Knowles before marrying rapper Jay Z) and Kelly Rowland. The video sports the caption:

SAY YES!!! We need to produce that Destiny’s Child gospel album 🕊

Honestly, this may be the best idea Ye's had all year.

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