Road trip! What’s more fun in the summer than a pair of mirrored, aviator shades, rolling the top down, feeling the wind in your hair and chowing down on ice cream during a road trip? Nothing! And that’s just what Victoria Justice and the cast of ‘Victorious’ do in the video for the undeniably catchy romp ‘Make It in America.’

Justice, who performed the song on ‘Ellen’ last week, is driving an enviable set of wheels – a cherry red Mustang convertible — and singing by the side of the road, picking up her pals and heading to a party to perform. She writes lyrics along the way, finds the party and performs, flashing that billion dollar smile of hers. We’re loving her sparkly blue jacket, too.

Summer is on the horizon and this video is all you need to tell you that. It perfectly captures those warm, sun-soaked days that we all long for once summer begins to fade into fall.

Yeah, Vic, we want your life, sooner than later. So get a head start on summer by watching this video once or twice or seven times today.

Watch Victoria Justice + ‘Victorious’ Cast in ‘Make It in America’ Video