Planning an event sometimes costs more than a budget allows, causing people to feel backed into a financial corner. But is it ever acceptable to invite a friend over for dinner at your house and then charge them for it?

One woman on Twitter was offended — and, quite frankly, befuddled —after this tacky scenario recently became a harsh dose of reality for her.

On Mar. 10, Twitter user @AmberNelson shared her bizarre dinner party experience, tweeting, "Got invited to someone's place for dinner, and they charged me for it… this is weird, right?"

In a follow-up tweet, she added, "It makes me not want to accept offerings in the future." (And yeah, that sounds fair.)

See her tweet, below:

Her experience went viral on the social media app, as many couldn't believe the poor etiquette of the woman's dinner-hosting friend.

"Seems like a small price to pay to find out someone is not worth another minute of your sweet and precious time on this earth," Twitter user @KayleaChampion shared, while @ItsLaureniGuess wrote, "If you invited me to your house, offer me food, and then demand I pay you for it, I am keying your car on my way out."

The most mind-blowing thing about Amber's thread is that she isn't the only Twitter user who has experienced something similarly bizarre, with many users sharing jaw-dropping dinner stories of their own in comments to her tweet or in quote tweets.

"I once got invited to dinner at a friend's back in high school, and his mom served me food completely different from everyone else," Twitter user @Bayonetwork shared. "She told me I had to earn my food in her house. When desert time came around, my friend asked me to go home so they could eat it."

"I have the flip side story. We were invited to a friend's [house] for dinner, but dinner was never served. 9:00…10:00…Nothing. Left and picked up Chinese food on the way home," user @MurrayTheT tweeted.

"Invited to an outdoor party at a work colleague’s house. Got there they came around asking for $5 a person. If you didn’t pay you couldn’t use the bathroom," @Maggies0023 shared.

Amber's story also sparked a larger conversation about who should handle the bill for hosting events, outside of the more intimate home dinner parties.

"Two very good friends planned a baby shower for me, and then a week afterward, they emailed me the bill. For my own baby shower. Which they planned," user @GaelynCokayne chimed in.


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