Everyone knows One Direction are hilarious. But they take it to a whole other level in a new radio interview that was also caught on video.

The band was allowed free reign to take over the airwaves at U.K.’s RadioNow. The boys are clearly having a ball, especially Louis Tomlinson, who repeatedly yells, “What’s ya name and where ya from?! We’re the Wanted!” It’s interesting that Louis is dropping the name of the other famous U.K. boy band of the moment, considering they have a pretty peppered past, with rumors of a rivalry — and with Louis being the most vitriolic towards the bad boys. For the record, though, both groups denied any beef!

Niall Horan has a ball telling callers that they’ve won tickets to see Manchester United, while Harry Styles fields calls from older women (of course). The guys can barely contain their own laughter, and it’s hilarious just watching them — especially when they make their abrupt exit, leaving the poor DJs to explain to their listeners and callers what just happened (and that they never won tickets to see a soccer game).

In another radio sesh, the boys sit down and sing a lovely acoustic rendition of ‘Live While We’re Young,’ accompanied only by a guitar. Liam Payne even adapts the lyrics a bit, eliciting a chuckle. Did we expect anything less? If music ever stops working out for these guys, comedy may well be in the cards.

Watch One Direction Perform ‘Live While We’re Young’ Acoustically