Every now and again a artist or group comes along and they are able to transcend genres. Sometimes it seems as though a certain miss Taylor Swift owns the secret formula for this success, but lately it seems that she isn't the only act to grace the multi-format airwaves. Enter The Band Perry.

After winning CMT’s USA Weekend Breakthrough Video of the Year back in June, it only made sense that this young group take a stab at the Pop charts... and it worked. Less than a month after winning the coveted CMT award, The Band Perry entered the AT40 at #39 and haven't looked back. Coming in at #17 last week, it has been a constant climb and it doesn't look like they are losing any momentum. To put things in perspective - Taylor Swift's lone AT40 song, The Story of Us, currently sits at #32 and  falling.

What's that? You want more of The Band Perry? Well don't worry, because they're slated to join Reba McEntire at the Casper Events Center on October 21!

Watch The Band Perry's 'If I Die Young'