When I first came across this video, I wasn't really for sure what was going on. It was titled: "Billy Bob and Loretta Narrowly Escape The Big Storm In Wyoming". I figured a quick Google search would turn up something and it did! Billy Bob and Loretta are just one duo of performers that perform as part of group a called Those Funny Little People.

Apparently this duo travels around to all types of events. Upon doing a little more research, I found out there is more than just Billy Bob and Loretta. Also, they're international and have appeared on the hit NBC television series America's Got Talent.

An entertainment act like nothing you’ve ever seen, Those Funny Little People are mobile puppet characters with polished performances that are a mix of comedy, music, dance and audience interaction. With their expressive, animated faces and intricate choreography, the Little People put on shows that have amazed and entertained audiences of all ages.

Although I'm not 100% sure where the first video was taken, by the date (and weather) when it was loaded to YouTube, I'd guess it was either Cheyenne Frontier Days or the Wyoming State Fair.

Regardless, I am most definitely a fan now!

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