The tourons are at it again.

Yet another tourist was captured on video doing something stupid. In this case, it was a gentleman that decided it was okay to get dangerously close to our beautiful Wyoming wildlife. Why he thought it was safe to film this close to a grizzly bear, we may never know.

One of my favorite Instagram accounts, TouronsOfYellowstone, posted the video over the weekend (Sunday, March 19th, 2023) of this particular tourist at Togwotee Pass, risking life and limb for what was most likely some form of braggadocious social media post.

Along with the short video, TouronsOfYellowstone included a cation that read:

Togwotee Pass. I genuinely thought we were going to see a mauling. An absolute idiot and so much disrespect for the bear. He ruined the moment for everyone watching peacefully from a distance.”
📸: @joeym826

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At one point, this guy was less than ten feet away from the grizzly bear. The National Park Service advises that you always keep a safe distance of at least 100 yards (300 feet), from bears at all times.

Apparently this dude didn't get the memo.

One of the more notorious video comments came from Instagram account,
Bohemian Angler, hilariously stated:

A mauling a day keeps the tourons away!” - Ancient Yellowstone Proverb

Maybe we should start telling the Wyoming bears that.

I have tried so hard to stop using the term touron, but every year, without fail, we see more and more instances of idiotic behavior... just like this.

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