If you have ever been stuck behind an RV going significantly under the speed limit in Yellowstone National Park, and not because of an animal traffic jam, but because they're "sightseeing", you can probably relate to this hilarious, but on point, Instagram post.

The often comedic Instagram account, TouronsOfYellowstone, recently shared an illustration (almost like a newspaper comic strip), which shows how easily traffic jams occur behind RVs in our national parks, along with a very detailed explanation of why this is a bad thing, particularly in Yellowstone.

The caption begins with a simple call to action (which happens to be worded very cordially):

The rest of us are not on your vacation with you. Please go the posted speed limit in the park OR pull over & let the cars forming a train behind you pass.

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It is worth noting, the author of this somewhat comedic post, is either a Wyoming resident or someone that travels through the Yellowstone area (and the Grand Tetons), on a regular basis. It is quite obvious by the way he/she describes the area.

The post has already been liked over 2600 times in the two days it's been up and has amassed over 100 comments, most of which are folks in absolute agreement with the wording.

While I take no judgment on the post itself, I do understand their frustration. After you've already been stopped by animals and quite literally all manner of other God-given issues (weather, elements, tourons, etc.), for the average none road rage induced individual, the travel can still be quite nerve racking.

Do you think this Instagram user has a point or should they just drive and stop complaining?

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