Yesterday, we shared a article ranking the 10 Most Redneck Towns in Wyoming. Surprisingly, the only complaints were heard came from towns that DIDN'T make the list. Here's another Roadsnacks list the might generate a little more controversy, the Ten Worst Places to Live in Wyoming

51 of the most populated cities and towns in the Cowboy State were compared based on a number of factors, including population density, crime, education, unemployment, median income and the housing market. Here's their picks (NOTE: We didn't write this list, so don't blame us).

1. Riverton - With the state's second highest crime rate, 15% of the population living below the poverty line and a poorly funded public school system, Riverton ranks as the worst place to live Wyoming.

2. Mills - The lack of funding for schools and high student to teacher ratios lands Mills on the list. 18% of the population lives below the poverty line, property values are low, and they have the fourth highest crime rate in the state.

3. Wilson - In spite of its spectacular scenery, this western Wyoming mountain town has the highest unemployment rate in the state. Average income levels are the forth lowest and it has the 10th highest crime rate.

4. Jackson - This playground for the rich actually has the second lowest average annual income in Wyoming. At 7%, it has the second highest unemployment rate in the state and, with an average home price of over $470,000, it's the most expensive place to live in Wyoming.

5. Arapahoe - Like their neighbors in nearby Riverton, Arapahoe has high crime, high unemployment and low incomes.

6. Evansville - The state's least funded public school system and high crime rates land this Casper suburb on the list.

7. Powell - 20% of people in Powell live below the poverty line and average incomes here rank among the lowest in the state.

8. South Greeley - With an average median home price of just over $34,000, this Cheyenne suburb has the lowest property values in the state.

9. Lander - Like Riverton and Arapohoe, the unemployment rate in and around the Wind River Reservation lands Lander on the list.

10. Cheyenne - With the 9th highest crime rate, below average school rankings and an average economy, the Capital City ranks as the 10th worst place to live in Wyoming. Of course, statistics don't factor in its entertainment options, which would rank among the best in the state, and it's proximity to attractions along the front range.